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Unbelievably good a cappella mash-up!


Wow. All the guys in this picture are actually the same man – Sam Tsui. This video is a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson. Far from being a tacky, naff attempt, this is really amazing and if you’ve had a go at a cappella, you know that it’s not easy to really make it sound good. Obviously, this guy’s vocal is layered but the arrangement and execution are just spot-on.

It looks like this guy’s done loads more, so I’m off to check them out. Once again, top job stumbleupon!


This is a clip demonstrating how a composer took an image of birds on electrical wires which reminded him of a musical stave, and played the notes they coincide with. The melody produced is stunning.


If you like this, also check out how you can get music from a tree if you haven’t seen it already.


Clap Hands!

As soon as I saw this video of Beck it reminded me of a holiday I had with a ton of families and mates from my church. We went to Dartmoor and while the mums and little kids stayed in semi-luxury, the men and older kids/teenagers stayed in a freezing cold stone house with no heating, electricity, water, or even mattresses on the beds!

One evening, we were sat around a long table just having eaten and we only had torches and candles for light. I don’t really remember how it happened but we ended up like the guys round this table, banging cutlery, plates, hands, the table – whatever, and someone was playing the guitar I think. It was brilliant. We weren’t a patch on these guys but it was just cool to be making a rhythm together led by the two resident drummers, Josh K and Charlie ‘The Div’ B.


Check the video here

Sorry I’m Late – video


I StumbledUpon this and it’s a really lovely little short film. The idea is so effective and I don’t understand why I’ve never seen it done before. Watch it here.

Massive pianist…


This blew me away when I first saw it as a podcast. It’s a little bit long and it won’t be everybody’s idea of greatness but I think it’s worth sharing.



I’ll bet you 10p that you laugh…

After the last two posts, which were heavy going, I thought I’d put this up. I defy anyone listening to THE REAL ELVIS in this clip, not to crack up!



p.s. there’s two explanations for why this happened and both may be right. Firstly, Elvis liked to change some of the words and in this performance he changed a couple of lines to sing about having a bald head. Apparently, he then looked into the crowd and saw a bald guy looking upset and this set Elvis off. The other explanation is that the band thought the uber-professional backing singer, who, bless her, keeps going regardless, actually sounded like a singing saw…

Listen to it here

Full-on Breakfast!


Great advert based on a car ad you may have seen. Check it here

The Campest Ref in Football…

This guy is just brilliant and I wish there were more like him just for the pure entertainment. What a fantastic bloke! This clip had me crying with laughter by the way. The effort he puts into dishing out the yellow cards – what I wouldn’t give to watch him show a red card to someone!!

Check him out here

Music From A Tree


I wish I was this creative – this guy is a legend. He has a tree in his back yard that he has managed to play as an instrument. There’s something interesting in how the organic and technology are both used together. Also, wouldn’t it be great to just see the potential in stuff around you? Actually, thinking about it, drummers often do this – tapping out a beat on any surface or object around them.

Watch the video here.

If you look this guy up, he has created loads of weird instruments and made music from sand, light and other unusual things.

P.s. thanks to everyone who has been checking out my blog and posting comments. On the one hand, having a blog feels arrogant but I am hoping that it won’t be like that and that visitors just enjoy chatting to each other and me about stuff I post. Cheers guys.

Bon Iver – Lump Sum

Bon Iver, (pronounced Bon Eve-air, meaning lovely winter), is my new favourite artist! His album, ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ is just beautiful and he has an amazing voice.

(You’ll have to get used to the fact I find lots of things ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ – but I mean it every time)!

This song, called Lump Sum, is top of my playlist and will be for ages I think. Hear it here