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Inflatable Bag Monsters!

Check this video out! A street artist, Joshua Allen Harris, has created these wonderful monsters and bears using rubbish bags and the underground subway ventilation system.

A simple idea executed brilliantly, I think!


Beautiful and Captivating Video

This is a wonderful video, and hard to believe it is computer generated. The image is a cross between paint in water and an audio visualiser. The song is nice but I think the video is just great.

Olafu Arnalds

Enjoy it here.

Falling with Style

This guy gets down a huge sand dune in heroic style and earns a massive “Uh-huh” from me. The pain he must have gone through practising this…! What an absolute legend. I won’t put a pic of the clip on here cos it’s such a surprise when you see it.

Check it out here.

Full Court Flip Shot

So, this lad asked his teacher to film him doing this trick and he tried this shot again and again through his break time. As people were heading back to class, he asked for one more go…. He is now an internet legend, with this clip being watched all over the world and he can’t walk the streets without people recognising him.

Watch it here.

Got a year to waste?…

If so, check this out! It’s a crazy performance art video type thing, in which 2 men are living in cells. But it’s simulated so that when you log on in the eve, you see them doing evening things, and if you log on in the morning, they’re doing morning stuff. You can log in and save your progress – the artists challenge you to rack up a year’s worth of viewing for a little reward.

I love the fact that in reality, not many people would see this through, in fact most will probably do what you are about to – click, look around, then never go back! But they did it anyway. Top drawer.

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

I’ve found two web-links recently that ,both relate to the Bonnie Tyler classic. Firstly – a flowchart to help us sing along when we hear it on the radio:


And secondly, this great clip that changes the lyrics so that they literaly represent the video that was released with the song. I love it. Check it here and chuckle heartily.

Hello to all the new people who have been checking out NNE recently. Please leave a comment and say hello!


Wonderful shadow puppetry

Watch this video and feel yourself melt like a lolly in a microwave.

Found via Stumbleupon.

The force is strong with this chap!


Apologies for the poor pic, because this clip is too cool!

When I was a kid, I wanted a stylophone. Now, Rolf Harris and his annoying invention can stuff off – THIS is the kit for me!

Fancy a novel way to play the Imperial March from Star Wars? Try dressing up in a Faraday suit, then letting the electric stream from a Tesla Coil pass through your suit whilst it screams out Darth Vadar’s ringtone. If I ever come into money, this is way up on my list of things to buy!

Check it out here.

Wingsuit Awesomeness!


I wish I had the courage to do something like this, the footage is beautiful but I’m sure it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what it’s really like to just ski off a mountain and then fly to the bottom.

It strikes me as one of those things, that once you’ve done it normal life becomes mundane. How can you go back to your nine-to-five when you’ve flown like a bird around mountains??

I saw a guy on TedTalks (check them out they’re really very good), and he is paid to do this. He said that already, there are things being developed that improve on these suits and how you can land etc. Who knows -maybe we’ll all be doing it soon!


Dwarfed Punk


Sorry, it’s been a little while. I’m doing essays for my foundation degree and it’s taken my full attention…

I love this, setting video from SnowWhite to Daft Punk. It just works, the clips are perfectly synced.

Hope you are all good and I’ll be back properly in about a week.

Take care, Barrie