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(Old) Boys will be Boys


Today, I worked at the Blind Association again. A young person and I were asked to help make Christmas decorations ahead of their Christmas party. In particular, we were asked to cut up wrapping paper for the group of elderly men in one corner of the hall to make into paper chains.
We joined the group which included a man in his nineties, and others in their fifties, sixties and seventies. After my young person and I had cut up a pile of strips, the lady in charge of crafts came to explain to the men what needed to be done.
‘Right then gents’, she said, ‘first of all you need a big one and a small one’. Cue lots of laughter from the men. ‘Have I said something rude?’ she asked. ‘Put it this way,’ said a man in his sixties pointing to his mate next to him, ‘he’s got a big one and I’ve got a small one!’ For the next few minutes the group of men giggled and joked whilst my lad and I laughed with them.
As a male, I found myself reassured and comforted at the thought I may never grow out of finding nob jokes funny! The ladies further down the hall were all happily having far more mature conversations over their knitting I’m sure, but these guys were really enjoying themselves and cracking like a bunch of ten year olds! I hope and pray I always have that sense of humour until my final day!
Possibly more funny than that though, was the fact that once the rude jokes and laughter had died down and the lady had explained how to make the chains, the guy in his nineties sat back in his chair and pushed the pile of strips away. ‘I’m not doing that’ he said, ‘it’s for kids that is!’