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New Motto


This guy has too much time on his hands!

I found this via stumbleupon. This artist, Eric Testroete, decided to make a

“costume for Halloween 2009. It was kind of inspired by big-head mode seen in videogames. I really wanted to get the faceted geosphere look with wireframe.”

As you can see, he did a really great job.








What do you think?! This guy gets a huge ‘Uh-huh’ from me – what a legend! Check out his website here.


Falling with Style

This guy gets down a huge sand dune in heroic style and earns a massive “Uh-huh” from me. The pain he must have gone through practising this…! What an absolute legend. I won’t put a pic of the clip on here cos it’s such a surprise when you see it.

Check it out here.

Full Court Flip Shot

So, this lad asked his teacher to film him doing this trick and he tried this shot again and again through his break time. As people were heading back to class, he asked for one more go…. He is now an internet legend, with this clip being watched all over the world and he can’t walk the streets without people recognising him.

Watch it here.

Total Eclipse of the Heart.

I’ve found two web-links recently that ,both relate to the Bonnie Tyler classic. Firstly – a flowchart to help us sing along when we hear it on the radio:


And secondly, this great clip that changes the lyrics so that they literaly represent the video that was released with the song. I love it. Check it here and chuckle heartily.

Hello to all the new people who have been checking out NNE recently. Please leave a comment and say hello!


Wonderful shadow puppetry

Watch this video and feel yourself melt like a lolly in a microwave.

Found via Stumbleupon.

Dwarfed Punk


Sorry, it’s been a little while. I’m doing essays for my foundation degree and it’s taken my full attention…

I love this, setting video from SnowWhite to Daft Punk. It just works, the clips are perfectly synced.

Hope you are all good and I’ll be back properly in about a week.

Take care, Barrie

Living in 360 degrees.

Right then!

I found a clip that sums up what I think I was trying to say in my recent U2 post. I was talking about not feeling the need to go evangelise the world or be something I’m not, but rather enjoy my life –  and I think that I’m more likeable and nicer to be with because of it.

Well, if you watch this guy you’ll know what I am talking about! At the end a lady exclaims. ‘how did he do that!?’ It was by being himself and enjoying himself…





In response to this:

I found this here and cracked up.


I don’t have a scooby what that song is about by the way – I’m sure it’s probably unadulterated filth…!