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Speaking to the past

I follow Douglas Coupland on Twitter and this morning I checked in to find he has shared a project of his online. He has designed 30 Penguin book covers, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Penguin, but also speaking to those in the past about the world now. The covers made me nostalgic, I remember the orange covers from my childhood, They were a design classic. Coupland’s designs, however, made me both amazed at where we’ve come in those years and sad about where we’ve got to.

Anyway, check his work here and you’ll see what I’m waffling about!

Book Sculptures


American artist Brian Dettmer creates these amazing sculptures that involve him cutting through layers and pages of books. I really love the way you can see all the insides of a book and especially where he has created some sort of story within the book as above. I’ve been thinking about the work that must go into creating these and it’s just baffling.

P.s. sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’m back now though and and should be posting regularly again.



Pics found here via Stumbleupon