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Thought Bubbles


These pics are from Urban Prankster – a blog about street art. For these pics, the artists placed thought bubbles in location and then waited for a photograph to present itself.

I like street art when it is thoughtful like this, which is why i haven’t used the term graffiti because of it’s negative connotations. Some street art is genuinely art and has a point and something to say, tags are just annoying. Yes this isn’t ‘deep’ but there is no damage, they can be removed, and for a while they will have given people a chuckle and perhaps made people notice other people for once on their travels. They do project emotions or thoughts onto the subjects in the pictures, especially in the third one!




My Life is Average…

Just found a blog in which people can post examples of how their life is average below are two examples:

Today I was downtown and I really had to go to the bathroom. I passed a mime who was performing and asked him which way to the nearest bathroom. He told me which way to go instead of mimeing it. I felt a little let down.”

Today I bought a milkshake and when I got home there were 3 boys in my yard, it made my day.”

Check it out here