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Speaking to the past

I follow Douglas Coupland on Twitter and this morning I checked in to find he has shared a project of his online. He has designed 30 Penguin book covers, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Penguin, but also speaking to those in the past about the world now. The covers made me nostalgic, I remember the orange covers from my childhood, They were a design classic. Coupland’s designs, however, made me both amazed at where we’ve come in those years and sad about where we’ve got to.

Anyway, check his work here and you’ll see what I’m waffling about!

Minimum Wage Machine

Very clever. Check it here.

Another epic snowman!

So, I share a link to my friend’s snowman at work and my mate Laura says, ‘We had a good one in our road too’. Today, she emails me the pics. Check them out!

Epic snowman

Epic snowman 2

Just loving the detail…and the dog!!If anyone else has epic snowman pics, please share them!


Best snowman ever. Fact.

One of my matesĀ  has posted these pics on his facebook profile – an epic snowman that he built today after we had a foot of snow. Just heroic!



Popping Truffles

Almost there

Cheers Thom – good work!


Inflatable Bag Monsters!

Check this video out! A street artist, Joshua Allen Harris, has created these wonderful monsters and bears using rubbish bags and the underground subway ventilation system.

A simple idea executed brilliantly, I think!


Cool Clocks

What with the focus on the passing of time around New Year, I thought I’d show you two cool clocks that I have found on the web. Unfortunately, I found them both while Stumbling and one says not to post a link as the link will stop working shortly, the other I have lost the link for – it’s kinda poor form to post stuff without linking to give credit but I’m gonna go with it for this one.

I would love to own this clock. I think it looks brilliant and although the chain would have to move incredibly slowly, I think I could sit and watch it for ages. What I most like about it is the vagueness of what the time actually is. You’d have to look at it and think, ‘It must be about half-five…’. I have a friend who lives in Spain and he says that is how he lives his entire life, not watching minutes and being dominated by time. He doesn’t say he’ll meet you at 5pm, he’ll meet you around 5pm. That’s infuriating if you are watching the minutes but if you have the same outlook in life, then it’s cool. Life just goes at a more relaxed and slower pace. I often wish my life was more like that.

If, however, you can’t live like that or wouldn’t want to, then this clock may appeal to you! Start each day by writing your appointments and plans on the clock face, then as your day passes and you achieve your goals for the day, the clock arm wipes them off! I love the sense of achievement this would make me feel as I see my to-do list being wiped by the clock – the flip-side would be that you have to get things done by the time you said or they are gone anyway!

Anyway, these clocks get an ‘Uh-huh’ from me!


Bringing people together.

This artist, Luke Jerram, is placing pianos on city streets and spaces around the world.

As it says on his website, which you should visit btw:

“Located in skate parks, industrial estates, laundrettes, precincts, bus shelters and train stations, outside pubs and football grounds, the pianos are for any member of the public to enjoy and claim ownership of. Who plays them and how long they remain is up to each community. The pianos act as sculptural, musical, blank canvas’s that become a reflection of the communities they are embedded into. Many pianos are personalised and decorated.

Questioning the ownership and rules of public space ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ is a provocation, inviting the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.”

I happen to think that there’s more this, in that I expect that some people will be surprised at finding out another person’s hidden talents. I also think that if you look at the photos, people are coming together and possibly singing along whilst someone plays. I love the way things like this bring communities and people together; it just demonstrates that people do want to have community and that life gets in the way sometimes. Such a simple and original idea.


This guy has too much time on his hands!

I found this via stumbleupon. This artist, Eric Testroete, decided to make a

“costume for Halloween 2009. It was kind of inspired by big-head mode seen in videogames. I really wanted to get the faceted geosphere look with wireframe.”

As you can see, he did a really great job.








What do you think?! This guy gets a huge ‘Uh-huh’ from me – what a legend! Check out his website here.


Beautiful and Captivating Video

This is a wonderful video, and hard to believe it is computer generated. The image is a cross between paint in water and an audio visualiser. The song is nice but I think the video is just great.

Olafu Arnalds

Enjoy it here.

Beautiful and Provocative

I found these pics about a week ago via stumbleupon. I knew I wanted to post it but I’ve been mulling over it all week, trying to work out what I felt and thought about it. I’m still not sure but I’m keen to hear what other people’s initial and considered responses are. Right click the image below to see it in full.


So, I work with young offenders. And one night, I take a young person, who is working out their reparation, to a club for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Whilst there I met a young lad, of about 16 years, who ‘suffers’ with Downs Syndrome.

Now, I grew up in a deaf family. My hearing is fine, so I am aware of what it is like to be deaf and what it is like to be hearing around deaf people. I grew up frustrated with people’s immediate presumptions about deafness. I saw people treat my family members as though they are stupid just because they can’t hear.

What I am saddened about, is that I made those same presumptions when I met this lad. I had very low expectations for what he might be capable of, or what level we might communicate at. However, after he ridiculed my pool playing and then thrashed me at pool, we then discussed football and loads of other stuff,and I felt an idiot and a hypocrite. What’s more, it’s not like he’s the first person I’ve met with Down’s. I KNOW that I shouldn’t just presume anything.



So, what are your first thoughts on these images? My first thought was that they are beautiful, but straight away I thought ‘Why’? Why pick actors/models with Down’s Syndrome? Are they being exploited? Why have I just wondered whether they are being expoited? Why do I feel a bit embarrased at or for these guys?

Over the week, I’ve thought more about the fact that the artist has chosen to do Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’. I have no idea why he did, but I like this because there are verses that talk about Jesus as plant in dry soil, possibly being unattractive and stunted. The bible says that there was nothing attractive in his appearance. I love the fact that ‘Jesus’ in this pic has a pair of glasses sat beside him, if I lived before Jesus’ time and had to desribe what I thought the messiah would be like, I sure I wouldn’t have listed “short sighted” as a quality. I love this as a piece of art because it seems more real, more human and more challenging than the stupid blonde haired, blue eyed portraits of Jesus – the good looking Gentile that he was!!

I am keen not to have this post, and blog, feel like I’m preaching! I just stumbled across this and was desperate to share it. I really would like to hear people’s views on this and maybe get a discussion going. Share your first thoughts and maybe come back a while later and add if you have had more.

I’d love to hear from you. And by the way, I found these pics here. there is a discussion thread on that page which is very interesting but be warned, some comments are offensive, so please don’t go there if you might be offended.