Tinker McJingles: The End!


Doing this elf thing has made the Christmas possibly my favourite ever! It is true that I probably got as much out if this as my daughter. A real highlight was one morning at church in early December. She was talking to her friends who all all of a similar age and telling about the elf living at our house. The oldest of the group said he didn’t believe her and a girl jumped to her defence saying:

‘It is true because she pinky promised!’

I spent most of advent worrying that she didn’t actually believe but was having me on and humouring me but then the laughter when she discovered what he had done most mornings, and the sheer joy when she saw her candy canes had grown, they were definitely real. Most of the tricks were fairly quick and cheap though I spent a long time searching Google and Pinterest for ideas – and this is why I put them on here, to save others from having to do the research!

She wrote him a letter on Christmas eve asking if there was any way that he could stay in touch. I plan to have him text my phone once every now and then and he also now has a Facebook page that she can use my account to message him on. I also have friends willing to have him go on holiday with them so they can send photos of him from around the world! I highly recommend doing this with your kids if you can, it has been so much fun.

I’m gonna miss the hairy little freak!

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