Tinker McJingles the Naughty Elf

At the end of November 2013, my daughter and I visited some friends and heard about an elf who has visited them last Christmas and played pranks on them over the advent period. They told my daughter that they would ask their elf if one if his friends could visit us as well this year.

And so, on the eve before Dec 1st, an elf appeared in our home and his name is Tinker McJingles. I posted his antics on my Facebook page and loads of my friends said I should publicise it more so I thought I would put his antics on my blog as well.


Similar to the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ idea, Tinker stayed on high places during the day because if my daughter were to touch him he would lose his magic and be unable to return to Santa at the North Pole. Some of the ideas for his pranks came from sites like Pinterest, some of them were Tinker’s own. A lot of them took a bit of planning and so if this helps any other elves to come up with plans and ideas at Christmas time then Tinker will be a happy elf!


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