Hello – Yet Again!


It’s almost exactly two years to the day since I last posted! I hadn’t realised so much time had passed! I kinda stopped blogging firstly because I was studying towards a foundation degree, and that’s done now, but also because after a period of time has passed it becomes difficult to start blogging again. I wanted my ‘First Post Back’ to be really significant, but then nothing seems *quite significant enough* to start posting with.

However, I think this blog would be better as a journal rather than what I was using it for which was to post cool stuff I stumbled uponĀ  within the interwebz. And I am at a significant time of my life. My little girl will soon be five years old, and my wife and I will shortly afterwards celebrate ten years of marriage. Lately, I have been struck by just how quickly time goes by. My little baby girl can now tear me apart in a debate and wrap me round her little finger. She’s got a new bike and hopes to ride without stabilisers. She’s reading books to herself. In another five years, we will be seriously considering which senior school we want her to go to!

The ten years of marriage has flown by as well. My wife and I have grown together, and whilst I have continually gotten to know her better, there are still loads of things I don’t know. Do husbands and wives ever get to the point of feeling they really know each other? She has changed so much over the last ten years or so. She has worked in a number of jobs, each bringing out qualities and skills I might not have seen before. Her hobbies have changed – lately she has taken up running in a big way. One thing she is amazing at is never sitting on her laurels! She is always pushing herself on, always finding a new challenge. And this is why she is always changing – even in just small ways – and it’s been great to see and be involved in.

But one thing I’ve never been good at is looking back at how I’ve changed. So I guess this is why I’m picking this up again, with an emphasis on it as a journal. I want to share my thoughts on the day-to-day stuff with whoever is interested, but also have something to look back on.

Anyway, if anyone is still subscribed to this(!) then hello – yet again! I’ll be back very soon,




4 responses to “Hello – Yet Again!

  1. Amazing. We have watched you grow and change over the last 10years. i have deep admiration for you. The things you juggle. what you bring out of people and the husband and father that you. the reason your little girl is the way she is is because of the qualities in her parents. I look forward to reading how you have changed over the last 10 years. my summary would be got better and better.

  2. Looking forward to reading your updates!

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