Heeellllooo Again!

It’s an absolute kicker when you are away from your blog for 2 months and yet you find the daily average number of hits you receive remains at the same level!

Sorry it has been a while…

I think I’m gonna take this blog down a slightly different route. I’ll still post the random links etc. but I won’t post as many. I’ll also try and talk a bit more about what’s going on for me, not that there’s anything particularly amazing at the moment!

Anyone in Reading should have a look at this It’s my mate’s site and he runs a fitness and training business with a difference. Have a look and give him/me feedback if you have anything to say i.e.how the site could be improved etc.

I’m not gonna aim to blog daily cos I always say I’ll do that and then it becomes a bit of a millstone, so I’ll be back on soon. Hope you’re all well.


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