The world would be a much nicer place….

If everyone thought of small ways of using what they have, like the business pictured below, to help those who need a helping hand, we’d be doing alright. What they are offering is what they do anyway, it’s a no-brainer, and it doesn’t cost them too much. What it does mean is that someone who may have the odds stacked against them in an interview has a chance to play on a (slightly more) level field.

I remember once that my wife and I were driving into town one Sunday when we saw a couple in their fifties running to catch a bus. The bus drove away without them and they stopped and turned on each other looking really upset. My wife asked whether we should offer them a lift, knowing that the next bus wouldn’t be for at least an hour. The couple accepted our offer and looked surprised that someone would actually stop and give them a lift.

As we chatted during the drive into town, they told us that they were celebrating their wedding anniversary by having a dinner in town. If we hadn’t offered a lift, they wouldn’t have made it into town in time. It seemed to me that our little gesture was going to go some way towards making the day a happy memory! It cost us nothing, we were going in anyway, but meant a big deal to them.

Stumbling upon this pic, (which you can find here), reminded me that I used to actively look for little ways to help, bless or cheer someone. A massive ‘Uh-huh’ to these guys for being so great and for inspiring me to look again at little differences I can make.


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