Inoffensive Graffiti

Wow – time passes so quickly, sorry I haven’t posted for a while.

I work with young offenders and once worked with a lad convicted of spray can graffiti. We were discussing why he thought spraying a tag was acceptable and he told me that he was offended by all the advertising we are forced to look at in our streets and therefore, if he had no choice about that why shouldn’t he be allowed to make his mark on the world. A fair argument I said, although his work damaged property that did not belong to him. He hadn’t paid for the right to display his tag and it may be that more people find tagging offensive than advertising. We discussed situations where graffiti might be acceptable or even pleasant.

I think I have an example of ‘graffiti’ that would make most people smile, causes no damage, and is creative: urban knitting! Admittedly, the lad I worked with is never likely to take this up, but these guys have come up with something knew and amusing and complimentary to the surroundings rather than being a blot on the landscape. It reminds me of guerilla gardening, some great friends of mine planted daffodil bulbs around their local school so the following spring the school was treated to a blaze of yellow and no-one knew who was responsible.

I found these pics here via Stumbleupon. There are more pics but I thought I’d post a selection.

FlowerGas StationLampostTree1

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