Given the chance…


I found this pic via StumbleUpon – a tool that will give you a sort of random web page based on preferences you give it first. Worth checking out.

The pic reminded me of a Mars Hill podcast I listened to recently. Rob Bell was speaking and he told of his neighbour who is a motivational speaker and a stand-up comedian. His neighbour recently invented a new character for his shows and a slot on radio – he had become an Irish Priest. On radio, people could ask him questions but he’d answer them in a comic way.

When he did a few promotional events for the station, people began asking them to bless their babies…!

Even more recently, he told Rob that he had done a stand-up show in which he fashioned a confessional booth out of cardboard and invited the audience to make confession. They queued up!

Both he and Rob saw that people need/want to make confessions – not just of the ‘I have sinned’ kind, that’s actually only one sort of confession. The ‘I’m scared’ confession is just as important, the ‘I’m confused’, ‘I’m in love’, ‘I am so happy’, ‘I’m in trouble here’, ‘I’m really thankful’…. all confessions and all things we don’t always get the chance to do, or choose not to do for one reason or another.

The people who wrote on the above board obviously believed in a benefit from doing so, and I imagine that the anonymity made it easier. It just makes me wonder whether I am the sort of person that others might feel safe enough to share and confess with – surely it doesn’t have to be left to the priests and stand-ups!

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