So, Holly’s home from India. Holly is a friend of mine.

Her family had a welcome home ‘party’ for her.

I was sat with my daughter, The Munch, and I looked around the kitchen. The evening was loudest and conversation was strongest when we had our mouths full with food!

How does that work?

I’ve always found that I get to know people best over a meal, I kinda think that maybe food has a way of eliminating small talk – which I am no good at. Rather than say something for the heck of it, I can eat another roast potato. But that doesn’t explain just why conversation got even better when food was served.

Often, eating can be really personal and a lot of people don’t like being watched whilst eating. But I guess, there’s also a sharing thing… I dunno!

Great food though and a lovely party.



One response to “Eating

  1. cheers baz, it was great to see everyone again 🙂

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